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Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum age to rent a vehicle is 23 years.

There are no extra fees for renters younger than 25 years. The deposit amount will be increased to $572,-

We accept cash, maestro and all the major credit cards.

To rent with us you’ll need a valid driver’s license and you must be 23 years and up.

Yes, the deposit can be paid in cash or authorized with a credit card.

The deposit amount is $ 500. If you are between 23 and 25 years old, the deposit will be $ 572. Please note that in case you decline our insurance, the deposit will be $ 1000.

If you leave a deposit in cash, you will receive it back as soon as the vehicle is returned in the same condition as rented. If you use your credit card for an authorization, your bank will block the amount for between 10 /7 to 14 business days and will release it automatically. If the deposit last blocked for more days, you’ll need to contact your bank first and ask them to release it as soon as possible.

Yes, it is possible to rent a vehicle for 1 day.

Our fuel policy is full to full.

Our vehicles will be delivered with a full tank and we expect to receive it back with a full tank. In case you didn’t receive a full tank you can return it at the same level as received. If not, you will be charge a minimum of $28 for each ¼ or part thereof not filled.

The third part liability insurance is included in our base rates.

The Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance covers damage made to the rented vehicle if involved in an accident. If you are responsible for the accident and you bought this coverage, your liability will be limited to the deposit of $500.


The Deductible Damage Waiver (DDW extension of the CDW) provides you a full coverage in case of collision. You will not lose your deposit in case you are responsible for the accident.

Yes, we do offer Full Insurance Coverage:

Full Coverage for vehicles are $25.00 per day

Full Coverage for Minivans are $27.00 per day.

The charge for an additional driver is $5.00 per day.

The rent of a GPS is only $ 8.00 per day.

The charge for the Roadside assistance is $3.00 per day.

The charge for a Child booster is $3.00 per day.

The charge for a Child seat is $3.00 per day.

Yes, you can but please note that your insurance on your credit card is an agreement between you and your credit card company. If you decline our insurance, you will be held responsible for all damages made to the vehicle and must covers all the costs before leaving the island. You may claim your insurance company afterwards. Boric Car Rental does not negotiate with any credit card insurance company.

The deposit will be $ 1000.

Our offices are open from 7:45. If your retour flight leaves before our opening hours you can inform our Rental Agent during receiving your vehicle, you will receive instructions for the returning process at the Airport.

Yes, we do offer free shuttle service from/to the airport to our office located near the airport.

Our office is located at Rooseveltweg #282, 3 – 4 minutes from the airport.

Airport Office:
7:45 to 20:00.

Boric Car Rental Rooseveltweg 282:
7:45 to 17:00.

Santa Barbara Location:
8:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 17:00.

Cruise Terminals:
8:00 to 19:00

No there’s no cancelation fee but we would appreciate cancelations at least 24 hours prior your reservation time.

After clearing customs please proceed directly outside the airport. As you exit the airport arrival area follow the signs to your right to the Car Rental Shuttle Area till the end of the building.
Our representatives will pick you up at the Shuttle Area.

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